I'm Lauren's baby 
13/3/13 is my new bday

Lauren arriving at an interview with Ryan Seacrest in Los Angeles

Victoria’s Secret: 2014 What Is Sexy? List » Amber Heard (Sexiest Legs).

If you let a “Lauren girl” record a video of Fifth Harmony’s performance, this is what you will get.

"Adolescence is probably scientifically proven to be the age where we just feel so much because there’s love and finding ourselves in the midst of people judging you. Don’t be afraid to take that in, if you feel a certain way about somebody feel it with all your heart. If you feel sad, feel sad. If you feel happy, be happy. Be curious about things, learn about yourself." -Camila Cabello

Lauren checking herself out

Lauren being cute with Normani in the middle of interview

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Arriving at an Interview w/ Ryan Seacrest In Los Angeles - July 30th, 2014.


true dedication is blogging despite the fact that no one paying attention to you